How Much Sleep Should a Husky Get?

Huskies are among the more energetic breeds of dogs. Nevertheless, they have a reputation for spending a lot of time sleeping.

As a result, most huskies owners wonder how much sleep a husky should get.

What can affect a husky’s sleeping pattern, and what can you do to induce sleep in huskies? Read on and find out.

How Much Sleep Should a Husky Have?

Normally, huskies sleep for 14 hours. However, the hours can be a little more or less.

This fact surprises numerous people, especially if you know huskies as energy monsters.

One is likely to wonder if a husky will spend up to fourteen hours sleeping how much they will spend awake.

The fact is huskies are very energetic. Therefore, they have to sleep for long hours to fill up their energy.

The few hours a husky is up, he or she will be extremely active.

They are likely to spend the entire time hiking, running or chasing. That’s why most husky owners find them to be good company.

A husky’s sleeping time is both during the day and at night.

Normally, during the day, the dog will take naps for a few hours. Whereas at night it will sleep all through.

Moreover, a husky is likely to sleep when bored, just like any other dog. This is quite normal. Every dog enjoys a nice nap when bored.

Things That Affect a Husky’s Sleeping Pattern

At times the amount of time a husky will spend sleeping will depend on some factors.

Understanding them will help you know why your husky may be sleeping less or more than normal. They include the following.

Activity Level

The level of activity will affect the number of hours your husky will spend sleeping.

Just like humans, when we have had a busy day, we are likely to sleep more.

Therefore, if your fluffy friend spent all day running or hiking, it is likely to sprawl on the floor the moment you get home.

Huskies’ sleeping patterns are not only affected by outdoor activities but also indoor ones.

Therefore, if your husky has a new toy that they will toss or chew all day, it will be snoozing by the end of the day.

Often huskie’s owners refer to their dog as being lazy because of long sleeping hours.

It is quite the opposite. Huskies being energetic dogs they will require lots of sleeping hours to rejuvenate.

Subsequently, as long as the husky does not have an underlying medical condition, you do not have to worry about them being lazy.

If the dog has been notoriously energetic, give them a few hours to nap. After that, it will be ready to take on the next activity.


Age is an obvious determinant of the amount of time the husky will spend sleeping. Husky puppies will sleep more than adult dogs. Just like babies, puppies will not do much more than sleeping and eating.

Typically, husky puppies grow at a fast rate consuming a lot of energy.

Consequently, it’s normal for a husky puppy to sleep up to 20 hours a day. Moreover, the puppies are very hyper and active. Naps always follow the hyper activities.

Adult huskies will have between 12 and 16 hours of sleep daily.

Nevertheless, as the huskie gets older, it increases its sleeping hours again. Therefore if you have an old husky or a young one, expect it to sleep between 16 and 18 hours every day.

Breed and Size

Breed and size affect the husky’s activity level. As a result, they affect the sleeping pattern. Smaller breeds sleep less than bigger ones.

Huskies range from medium to large size. Large huskies will get tired faster than smaller ones. Therefore, they will sleep more.

Health, Illness and Medication

Any health issue will change your husky’s sleeping pattern. An illness or an underlying condition will sap the energy from your dog. As a result, it will sleep more than usual and at times all day.

Normal health conditions like hormonal imbalance can also make your fluffy friend sleepy.

If you notice that your husky is sleeping more than normal, it is good to take it for a professional checkup.

Moreover, if your dog refuses to get up after the nap, you should seek professional advice. It is good to investigate any change in your husky’s sleeping pattern.

Any medication can make your husky sleepier than normal.

Most dog medication makes dogs lethargic and tired. Oversleeping when the husky is under medication should not always be an alarming sign.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to monitor your husky when administering a new medication. Contact your veterinarian if the medication affects the dog’s sleeping pattern excessively.

At times some health conditions will keep your husky awake for long hours. Some diseases and injuries can cause a lot of pain, making it hard for your dog to sleep.

Therefore if you realize that your husky has a hard time sleeping, take them for a checkup.

How to Help Your Husky Sleep at Night

Normally, huskies will have an easy time sleeping at night. As highlighted earlier, they can sleep up to 16 hours a day.

These sleeping hours are distributed throughout the night and daytime naps.

Nevertheless, if your husky has a hard time sleeping at night, you can do the following.

Ensure They Are Active During the Day

One of the reasons why a husky may not sleep well at night is because they have not consumed their energy.

Therefore, ensure your dog is active all day long.

One effective mechanism is taking your husky out for exercise. You can take them for a run, long walks.

Alternatively, you can play with them, either in the park or yard.

Such activities will help your husky consume excess energy. Eventually, they will be tired in the evening resulting in anger sleeping hours.

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation enables the husky’s brain to exercise as it makes it think actively.

You can look up typical brain games that your dog is going to enjoy.

Mental stimulation will keep husky’s brain healthy, increase their happiness, reduce stress and depression levels.

Most importantly, it will tire the dog’s mind helping it have a restful sleep.

Offering a Comfortable Sleeping Place

It is good to set aside a peaceful sleeping place for your husky.

Choose a place where your dog is not likely to be disturbed. Avoid places with distractions or a lot of movement, such as the kitchen.

Noisy children and pets may hinder the husky from resting properly.

Like a normal living organism, it will wake up to see what is going on. If it is possible, get your husky a comfortable sleeping bed.

Bathroom Breaks and Heavy Evening Meals

If you live with your husky in the same house, take them outside for a bathroom break before they go to bed.

If a husky has an empty bladder, it will sleep better throughout the night. They will not have to wake up at midnight to go to the bathroom.

Moreover, feed your husky a heavy meal in the evening. In most cases, dogs and cats sleep well after having a large meal.

Understanding Your Husky’s Sleeping Positions

Apart from sleeping for long hours, huskies are also renowned for weird sleeping positions.

The following are some reasons why huskies sleep in weird positions.

Back Down and Paws Up

It is a typical sleeping position whereby the husky exposes its stomach.

If your husky sleep in this position means the dog is comfortable and feels secure. Therefore, it is not worried about potential threats.

Other times huskies sleep in this position during hot weather seasons.

The husky’s belly has less fur. Consequently, air can comfortably circulate over the skin, enabling it to cool down.

Curled Up

It is a typical sleeping position during cold seasons for it helps them retain the body temperature.

Moreover, this sleeping pattern is common among dogs living in the wild.

It is an intuitive sleeping position in which the dog aims to appear smaller.

Side Stretch

It is the most common sleeping position among most dogs. In this position, the husky expose their vulnerable berries for they feel secure and are not worried about attacks.

The husky may also sleep in this position to cool down, especially during hot weather. Huskies can effectively cool down by sleeping on their side on concrete.

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Sleeping on the Stomach

It is also known as the superman sleeping style. Your fluffy friend is likely to sleep in this position when they are ready for action.

In this position, the legs will be stretched out as the belly on the floor.

The husky can jump any time on awakening. When your husky is sleeping in such a position, it is alert and will sense anything that can come across them as it enjoys its rest.

It is normal for huskies to sleep for long hours.

However, that is not a valid reason to call huskies lazy dogs. The main reason why huskies sleep a lot is that they are very active. So they require time to relax and gather up energy for the next activity.

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