Do Corn Snakes Need Humidity?

Do Corn Snakes Need Humidity

Corn snakes do need humidity—but not a lot. You should use a hygrometer to make sure that the humidity in your corn snake’s enclosure stays between 40 and 50 percent. …

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Do Ball Pythons Need UVB Light?

Do Ball Pythons Need UV-B Light

Ball pythons don’t need UV-B light to survive. After all, they are crepuscular snakes. They prefer to curl up in a burrow during the day and only come out to …

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Can Ball Pythons Swim?

Can Ball Pythons Swim

If you have seen a movie like Anaconda, you may wonder if your pet ball python can swim, too. But then, you have never seen your own pet ball python act …

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Do Corn Snakes Like to Climb?

Do Corn Snakes Like to Climb

Corn snakes are a great choice for snake enthusiasts who have not had snakes as pets before. They live to be 15 to 20 years old. They aren’t aggressive or …

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