Are Boston Terriers Good Apartment Dogs?

Are Boston Terriers Good Apartment Dogs

Boston Terriers make perfect apartment dogs. Their size, demeanor, and exercise needs are a great match for living in apartments. Boston Terriers are Compact, Active Dogs No apartment complex will …

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Are Dalmatians Good Apartment Dogs?

Are Dalmatians Good Apartment Dogs

Ever since Disney released and re-released the film 101 Dalmatians, movie fans all over the world have fallen in love with Dalmatians. If you’re considering getting a dalmatian, you might be …

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Are Pomeranians Good Apartment Dogs?

Are Pomeranians Good Apartment Dogs

Pomeranians, also known as Poms, are beautiful. They have dynamic personalities. And they can live just about anywhere people do. Pomeranians can make great apartment dogs! These small dogs can …

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Are Cockapoos Good Apartment Dogs?

Are Cockapoos Good Apartment Dogs

Cockapoos—also known as Cockerpoos, Cockadoodles, and (in Australia) Spoodles—are the original designer dogs. In this article, I will cover whether Cockapoos are good apartment dogs or not, and things you …

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Are Whippets Good Apartment Dogs?

Are Whippets Good Apartment Dogs

Whippets aren’t easy to keep as apartment dogs when they are puppies, but they mature into lovable couch potatoes who have good manners as adults—as long as they get 30 …

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Are Chihuahuas Good Apartment Dogs?

Are Chihuahuas Good Apartment Dogs

Chihuahuas make great apartment pets! Chihuahuas are agile, intelligent, cheerful, and lively. They don’t require a lot of exercise. A daily walk will be enough. When outdoor exercise isn’t possible, …

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