Are Ball Pythons Good Pets?

Are Ball Pythons Good Pets

Ball pythons can make great pets! If you have always wanted a pet snake but you haven’t known what kind of snake to buy for your first pet snake, consider …

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Are Corn Snakes Good Pets?

Are Corn Snakes Good Pets

Corn snakes can make great pets. If you are new to keeping pet snakes, they may be the best possible choice for your first pet snake. Corn snakes are calm …

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Why Is My Ball Python Burrowing?

Why Is My Ball Python Burrowing

Ball pythons, in the wild, often spend most of their time in termite mounds. Termites build shafts of dirt that reach up over the landscape, keeping the insects dry during …

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Are Ball Pythons Nocturnal?

Are Ball Pythons Nocturnal

First-time owners of ball pythons are often surprised to learn that their new pet snakes are nocturnal. Ball pythons like to hide during the day, and only become active at …

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Why Is My Ball Python Not Eating?

Why Is My Ball Python Not Eating

Ball pythons sometimes refuse to eat for a variety of reasons. They usually will not eat when they are shedding. Female ball pythons won’t eat when they are about to …

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