10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds (that you may not know about)

What’s the most expensive breed of dog in the world?

Is it the hypoallergenic Portuguese Water Dog? The beautiful and naturally protective Akita? That fluffy ball of fur called a Coton de Tulear?

Or maybe some designer dog, like a Pugapoo, Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, or Sheepadoodle? (Hint: The Sheepadoodle made our top 10 list)

Many people are willing to pay a high price for the dog of their dreams.

A lot of what determines price is supply and demand. The must-have dog one year won’t be the must-have dog the next year.

Prices of these amazing breeds of dogs go up and down.

Using data from Puppy Finder and Puppy Spot, here are the top 10 most expensive breeds of dogs in the world, beginning with #10.

Dogue de Bordeaux

A Dogue de Bordeaux is courageous, loyal, affectionate, and huge.

Dogue de Bordeaux

The average Dogue de Bordeaux weighs around 100 pounds (45 kg).

Dogues de Bordeaux are good with children. They don’t bark a lot. They don’t require a lot of grooming, although you will need to trim their nails.

The one downside to this big dog? It slobbers a lot. You will need to have a cloth nearby all the time when you are with your.

Dogue de Bordeaux puppies are available for about $3,500.

This massive pup is also quite affectionate and good with children, according to The Spruce Pets.

They also note: “If you are interested in this breed, take note — this dog is a slobbery one. You’ll probably want to carry a drool rag and duck for cover if it shakes its head.”

They also say they are medium energy, they don’t tend to bark a lot, and don’t require much grooming other than nail trimming.


Sheepadoodles are designer dogs.


They are a cross between Old English Sheepdogs and Poodles.

Their unique characteristics are a result of the cross and only last one generation.

If you were to breed a male and a female Sheepadoodle, you wouldn’t get Sheepadoodle puppies. You have to get Sheepadoodles from a breeder or breed an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle on your own.

Sheepadoodles are low-shed dogs, like Poodles. They are calm and gentle, like Old English Sheepdogs.

They can keep quiet around a sleeping baby, which makes them a welcome addition to young families.

Sheepadoodles get along with other pets, especially with training — and they are beautiful dogs. You can buy a Sheepadoodle puppy for $3,700 to $4,500.


Never heard of a Mi-Ki (pronounced Mee-Kee)? You’re not alone.


Mi-Kis are tiny toy dogs bred for companionship. They are hypoallergenic. They don’t shed a lot.

Mi-Kis make great therapy dogs. They are sweet, intelligent, and easy to train.

Mi-Kis are ideal apartment dogs. They don’t need to be walked every day, but they will join you on a walk if you wish.

They can be trained to use a litter box. (The writer has seen one Mi-Ki that was trained to use a commode, although it could not pull the handle to flush.) They can also use piddle pads.

If you can find a Mi-Ki puppy, expect to pay about $3,700.

Neapolitan Mastiff (Mastino Napoletano)

Neapolitan Mastiffs have been a popular guard dog in central Italy since the time of the Roman Empire.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Over 2300 years ago, Alexander the Great bred giant war dogs for battles, and the Romans made the Greek attack dogs into pets.

These dogs have only been common outside of Italy since the 1940s.

They are ranked #102 in popularity out of 197 breeds by the American Kennel Club, but that’s probably due to their most obvious characteristic:

Neapolitan Mastiffs are huge.

These dogs stand 24 to 30 inches (60 to 75 cm) tall. They weigh 110 to 150 pounds (50 to 70 kilos) by age two. They are not dainty eaters.

Neapolitan Mastiffs have rolls of loose skin around their jaws and ears.

They have coats in a variety of colors, including black, gray, leaden, mahogany, fawn, hazelnut, dove-gray, and isabelline (parchment color, also seen in horses).

Some Neapolitan Mastiffs have brindle coats, with light and dark stripes.

Neapolitan Mastiffs slobber, but they don’t require a lot of grooming. You can buy a Neapolitan Mastiff puppy for about $4,000.

Old English Sheepdog

Are you looking for a friendly ball of fur? You may fall in love with an Old English Sheepdog, an iconic breed of southwestern England, especially Cornwall.

Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdogs as a breed aren’t especially old. They only appeared in the United Kingdom in the 1700s.

They were bred from winter-resistant dogs imported from Russia. And Old English Sheepdogs weren’t really bred for herding sheep.

In Cornwall and Devon, where they were a relatively common breed, they were used to herd cattle to market.

English farmers sheared the sheepdogs for wool every spring the same way they sheared sheep. Cornish weavers made cloth from dog hair.

Old English Sheepdogs require regular grooming. They are not hypoallergenic. They make a great “first dog” for novice dog owners, and they are easy to train.

An Old English Sheepdog puppy will cost around $4,300.

American Bulldog

American bulldogs have a troubling history. In England, the ancestors of today’s American Bulldogs were working dogs that herded cattle and guarded rural farms.

American Bulldog

Unfortunately, the breed’s skill with livestock led to a brutal sport called bull baiting.

Dogs were encouraged to make bulls angry and spectators placed bets on how long they would live.

When this awful sport was banned, bulldogs began to disappear from Britain. But by that time, bulldogs had been brought to America.

American bulldogs weren’t and aren’t used in blood sports. Working-class American immigrants brought these dogs with them as canine help around the farm.

American bulldogs began to die out as a breed as more and more farmers found jobs in the cities.

At the end of World War II, however, a returning veteran named John Johnson decided to rescue the breed.

He worked with breeders to restore the American Bulldog line, always keeping a careful eye on the breed’s working ability and resistance to disease.

American bulldogs today are widely regarded as loyal, stable, and smart.

They make great family pets. They are loving but they like to do things their own way, so training should start when they are puppies.

You can buy an American bulldog puppy for $4,000 to $4,500.

Olde English Bulldogge

The Old English Bulldogge isn’t a particularly old breed, and it’s American, not English.

Old English Sheepdog

But this mix of American Bulldog, English Bulldog, American Pitbull Terrier, and Bull Mastiff is healthier than English Bulldogs.

It doesn’t suffer the respiratory ailments cherry eye, easy overheating, severe skin allergies, degenerative spine diseases, hip dysplasia, and arthritis that affect other breeds of bulldogs, but it retains the bulldog characteristics of protection, affection, and reliability.

Olde English Bulldogges were created by American dog breeder David Leavitt in 1971.

He wanted to breed a dog that looked like an old-timey, nineteenth-century bulldog but had the affectionate personality of a modern English Bulldog.

He also wanted to create a breed of bulldogs that didn’t have breathing problems.

In the company of their humans, Olde English Bulldogges tend to be docile and affectionate. They want nothing more in life than a good belly rub.

They are eager to please. They make terrific solo pets.

In the company of cats and other non-canine pets, Olde English Bulldogges have a natural prey instinct.

Unless they are carefully socialized to cats and other pets at the ages of four to seven weeks, it is usually not a good idea to leave Olde English Bulldogges and your other pets together unsupervised.

An Old English Bulldogge puppy will cost around $4,500.

French Bulldog

Playful, active, and alert, French bulldogs are the fourth-most popular breed of dogs in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club.

French Bulldog

The “bouledogue français” as they came to be known in France, actually originated in England.

Small dogs were popular with lacemakers in Nottingham for controlling mice and rats. When the lace-making industry moved from England to France, the lacemakers took their bulldogs with them.

That’s how this breed of dogs from England came to be known as French bulldogs.

Around the turn of the twentieth century, French dogs became popular in Paris. They became a favorite pet of artists, poets, American ex-pats, and bordello owners.

The famed French artist Toulouse Lautrec even featured a dog of this breed in one of his paintings, Le Marchand des Marrons. In the 1920s, French bulldogs became popular with Americans spending an adventure year in Paris.

The American Kennel Club reports that French Bulldogs were the twenty-first most popular dog in 2020, up from seventy-first in 2000.

They make a unique companion dog. They love exercise, but they are also content to sit in a lap at any opportunity.

A French bulldog puppy costs between $4,500 and $6,500.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Are you looking for an energetic, medium-sized dog that will play fetch forever?

Then you may want a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, the smallest of all the Retrievers, and 2021’s second-most expensive dog.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers were once also known as Decoy Dogs and Little River Duck Dogs.

They were bred in the 1800s as hunting dogs in the Little River District in Yarmouth County in Nova Scotia.

These dogs are ingenious duck hunters. They have red fur and feather tails like foxes. They will fluff out their tails to frighten ducks out of their cover.

Hunters shoot the ducks, or at least their limit of ducks, and the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever “tolls” the dead duck back to the hunter’s hand.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are highly intelligent and easy to train, like other Retrievers, but they also like their own way.

Their attractive coats require minimal grooming.

A Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy will cost you about $5,500.

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffons are small dogs packed with energy.

About 200 years ago, they were bred in, you guessed it, Brussels from a mix of the Toy Spaniel, Pug, and Affenpinscher breeds.

Brussels Griffon

Nineteenth-century farmers in Belgium and the Netherlands put their Brussels Griffons to work killing rats.

At that time, farmers preferred small dogs to cats as rat killers. Brussels Griffons became so common that they appeared in artwork.

There are Brussels Griffons in paintings by Van Dyck and Du Empoli. Renoir painted :Bather with Griffon.:

In modern times, Brussels Griffons are prized as companion dogs. They are excellent watchdogs, although they are also bossy.

Their one major downside? They are talented escape artists.

A well-bred Brussels Griffon puppy will cost between $5,000 and $6,000.

So these are 10 of the most expensive dog breeds that you can find. Owning one of these would undoubtably be a great experience, but it would cost you as well.

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