Are Huskies Good Service Dogs?

Are Huskies Good Service Dogs

Huskies are beautiful animals. With their sweet and loving temperaments, they make great pets. And if the service you need is pulling your sled across the snow, it’s hard to …

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Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Seeds?

Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a favorite snack for many. In the shell or already peeled, these delicious seeds take care of the munchies anytime of year. In addition to being tasty …

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Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Shed?

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Shed

Bernese Mountain Dogs are large, powerful, but friendly dogs. They are a little clumsy on agility trials, but they have few peers in strength competitions. They have beautiful coats that …

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Are German Shepherds Good with Kids?

Are German Shepherds Good with Kids

There’s just one honest answer to the question of whether German shepherds are good with kids – It depends. The German Shepherd Dog is courageous, loyal, trainable, and intelligent. In …

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Do Huskies Get Along with Cats?

Do Huskies Get Along with Cats

In most circumstances, huskies might not be compatible with cats due to their stubbornness. Huskies have innate hunting instincts that make them more prone to chasing smaller prey. However, they …

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