Are Greyhounds Good Apartment Dogs?

Are Greyhounds Good Apartment Dogs

Greyhounds are exceptionally affectionate dogs. They are loving, clean, quiet, and smart. Greyhounds make great family pets—and they are great apartment dogs! There are about 55,000 working Greyhounds in the …

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Are Boxers Good Apartment Dogs?

Are Boxers Good Apartment Dogs

Many people assume that because Boxers are large, energetic dogs, they can only flourish in a home with their own backyard. This isn’t true! Boxers can adapt to apartment living. …

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Are Goldendoodles Good Apartment Dogs?

Are Goldendoodles Good Apartment Dogs

Goldendoodles are friendly, intelligent, loyal dogs. And even though they are large dogs, they adapt well to apartment living when their owners make some adjustments to their lively activity level …

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Are Pugs Good Apartment Dogs?

Are Pugs Good Apartment Dogs

Pugs are compact canines that fit in any home, even small apartments. At heart, every Pug is a lap dog that wants nothing more than to cuddle up with you …

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Are Corgis Good Apartment Dogs?

Are Corgis Good Apartment Dogs

You might assume that Corgis are dogs suitable for apartments because they are small. However, that is not necessarily true since it also depends on the dog’s personality and temperament. …

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