Are Corgis Good Apartment Dogs?

You might assume that Corgis are dogs suitable for apartments because they are small.

However, that is not necessarily true since it also depends on the dog’s personality and temperament.

Luckily, Corgis are highly adaptable dogs. Hence, they can adapt to any living situation, including living in an apartment. 

Here’s a guide on how to keep your corgis happy and healthy in your apartment.

Why Are Corgis Good Apartment Dogs?

Corgis can make good apartment dogs for a number of reasons.

Here’s a closer look at all of them:

Good Temperament

Corgis are normally quite friendly and excited dogs. They love to interact with people and be around them.

Though they don’t like being alone, these dogs seldom have any behavioral issues. Since they are herding dogs by nature, they like to watch the outdoors.

This is why it would be helpful to have plenty of windows for your dog so that they can watch the street. Moreover, corgis tend to bark a lot loudly.

Luckily, they also happen to be quite disciplined dogs. Hence, with some training, you can teach your dog not to bark frequently.

Small Size

As puppies, corgis tend to be extremely small. Even when they are adults, they don’t grow to become large.

For this reason, their size is quite suitable for apartments. Pet-friendly apartments also have rules regarding the size and weight of the pets allowed.

Luckily, corgis don’t weigh as much, so you won’t have to worry. They can easily fit into tiny apartments.

Lastly, corgis also respond well to kennel training. Hence, they can stay there as well.

Needs and Activities of Corgi

You don’t necessarily have to take corgis on a run with you.

However, they do also need their outdoor time. This is why you should take them out for short walks every now and then.

Additionally, these dogs are quite energetic and playful. Hence, if you plan to leave them alone for a while, be sure to keep some toys.

Corgis tend to easily get bored, so they need some form of activity. Otherwise, they can get destructive and mess up your apartment.

Besides this, they also need access to the outdoor. This is because they like to take bathroom breaks frequently.

Keeping Corgis in Apartments

Corgis are absolutely adorable and furry dogs. Not to mention, they are also quite friendly, intelligent, and adaptable.

These are the reasons why corgis can make suitable pets for apartments. The only thing you should be mindful of is that they are loud dogs.

This breed of dog tends to bark a lot. If you have not lived with a loud dog in a small area, you might face issues.

Corgis are energetic and watchful dogs. This is why they need a large space to move around and run.

Additionally, your apartment should be full of large windows. Corgis will do great in such apartments since they can watch the outdoors from there.

Corgis will also need access to some outdoor areas for walks and bathroom breaks. Hence, you should find an apartment close to a dog park or a grassy area.

Before getting a dog, there are a few things you should consider. For example, you should ask your apartment management first if they allow dogs.

Some apartments don’t allow any pets, especially loud dogs like corgis. Other than that, you must additionally assess whether corgis will suit your lifestyle.

While corgis are playful, they can often be stubborn if you don’t give them attention. Moreover, they don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time.

Hence, you should be mindful of these things before bringing corgi into your home.

Things to Consider Before Bringing a Corgi into Your Apartment

Now that you know that corgis are great options for keeping in your apartment, you might have questions. There are some important to keep in mind:

Corgi Barking

Corgis bark a lot. This is one significant reason why they might not be suitable for apartments.

Due to their loud barking, it might become disruptive to your neighbors. Since they are highly alert dogs, they bark loudly when they sense something dangerous or unusual.

But that is not the only reason. They may bark when they are bored and in need of entertainment or playtime.

Corgis can bark for hours until someone gives them the attention they want. This is why if left home alone, they can bark for hours.

If you don’t control this barking from an early age, it can become a problem. This is especially true if you are living in an apartment building with neighbors. 

They Have High Energy Level

Corgis are generally high-energy level dogs. This means that they are energetic and excited nearly all the time.

However, the exact energy level of each corgi depends on each dog. Overall, all corgis need playtime, daily walks, and training.

Some corgis may require more time to keep them active and entertained. This is especially true for smaller ones since they cannot even stay still.

Besides this, corgis also need to be provided with plentiful mental stimulation. These dogs need games and different things to keep them mentally active.

Generally, all corgis can easily adapt to their surroundings. This is why they can stay in your apartment happily.

However, they will need you to take them out for walking and physical breaks.

Grooming Needs

Corgis tend to be very clean dogs that don’t need constant grooming. Most of them keep themselves clean.

All you will need to do is bathe them after a few months. Hair shedding is also very common in corgis.

This is why you will need to brush them every day during the shedding season. Otherwise, there will be dog hair everywhere in your living area.

Other than that, you will regularly need to check their ears to see if they are healthy and clean. This will avoid any irritation or problems in the future.

Physical and Activity Level Needs

As mentioned earlier, corgis are highly energetic dogs. Don’t let their compact size fool you. These dogs might be small, but they are packed with energy.

Corgis constantly need something to do to stay active and mentally stimulated continually. This is why they need daily activities, toys, and playtime.

If they don’t, then their energy and attention will quickly divert towards negative behaviors. However, the exact exercise needs depend on the dog.

Smaller corgis have more energy to burn than older ones. This is why such dogs will need to be provided with more stimulation and playtime.

Besides this, you can consider providing your corgis with some training sessions. This is a great way to meet their energy and activity levels.

Through that, they will stay physically and mentally stimulated.

Hair Shedding

As we mentioned earlier, hair shedding is a significant problem with corgis. If you live in an apartment, this issue can often be harder to handle.

Corgis are a dog breed that shed the most amount of hair. Hence, be prepared to find dog hair everywhere in your apartment.

You will find it in your sofas, in your clothes, and whatnot. The best way to manage their shedding is to bathe them once a week.

Moreover, you should also comb their hair every day. This will loosen and eventually remove the dead hair.

What Do Corgis Need to Be Healthy and Happy in Apartments

If you have decided to bring a Corgi into your apartment, you must know a few things. There are a few ways to keep them happy and healthy.

One of the most important things that we mentioned earlier is to give them plenty of entertainment. You have to spend time with your corgi to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated.

Your corgi will need regular training and exercise sessions. This will help them use their energy.

Moreover, brushing and bathing them is also quite important, as mentioned earlier. Besides this, these dogs are actually quite easy to maintain and keep.

They don’t have many behavioral issues. They are fast learners so by training them, you can keep them well behaved.

Final Words

It is important for people to have a dog breed that fits their lifestyle. Corgis might not be a bad option if you live in an apartment.

Corgis are highly adaptable and can live easily within an apartment. However, you need to keep in mind other things like their physical, mental, and grooming needs.

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