Can a Beagle Live in an Apartment?

Beagles are fun, loving, and loyal companions that anyone would be happy to welcome into their lives.

Beagles are often a popular choice for those who live in apartments, as they are small enough that everyone can make it work.

Energy Levels of Beagles

Beagles are very energetic and need a space to run around and burn off that excess energy. Ideally, this would be an open park or a walking path.

Their excess energy means that beagles are not the ideal apartment dog; however, there are ways to make it work for both of you.

Let’s review the issues people encounter when raising a tiny beagle puppy in an apartment and how to overcome any obstacle you may face along the way.

Is There Enough Room for Beagle in the Apartment?

One of the main aspects to consider when living with a beagle in an apartment is if there’s enough room for everyone.

You should ensure that you can both easily move throughout the apartment and that you’re not constantly getting in each other’s way.

It’s also essential to make sure that you visualize how the apartment will look and how much room you’ll have once it is completely furnished.

The number one thing to consider is if your little companion will have enough space in the apartment to stretch their legs.

Consider Your Neighbors

If you have ever lived in an apartment complex, you know how close you are in proximity to your neighbors.

Most likely, they won’t want to hear your dog barking all day and night; therefore, it is crucial to consider the noise your dog could potentially make.

This is critical to think about if you’re considering a beagle, as they are incredibly vocal. Beagles are vocal due to their hunting ancestry.

They are hunters by nature, and therefore, howl and bark constantly.

Various things could trigger a beagle to bark, such as an unfamiliar scent, someone they don’t know, or just because they are bored.

We recommend that before getting your pup, you should take the opportunity to meet with your neighbors to get their input on whether or not the noise will bother them. Who knows, you could luck out, and they could be dog people as well!

Does the Apartment Have Dog-Friendly Surroundings?

Unfortunately, not everyone is a dog person; therefore, some apartment complexes may not allow pets. It is important to carefully consider where you plan to live and whether your apartment of choice is pet-friendly.

The good news is that many apartment buildings allow pets, so you shouldn’t have an issue. Also, especially when considering a beagle, ensure ample space to run around, such as an open field or a dog park.

This is an ideal location, as your pup can get all the exercise and mental stimulation needed to keep them healthy and happy. If you have an open field or a dog park nearby, it is essential to keep your pup on a leash, as beagles can become curious and wander off or get into trouble.

It is even more ideal, a fenced area near your apartment complex, where you could let your dog off the leash without worrying about their safety.

Living With a Beagle in an Apartment (Some Must-Haves)

Although a beagle is a great companion and a great all-around breed, there are some additional aspects to consider before choosing an apartment.

Let’s check out some of the must-haves for living in an apartment with a beagle.

Are They Receiving Enough Attention?

Beagles, like many breeds, need lots of love and attention from their family.

They are loving and loyal, and their families are their entire world. They enjoy spending time with you, whether playing fetch, petting or just being near them.

Therefore, you mustn’t leave your beagle alone for extended periods, as this could lead to separation anxiety and destructive tendencies.

If you will be gone for more than four hours, it is critical to give them ample attention, let them use the bathroom, and feed them before leaving.

If you are gone for an extended amount of time, it is vital to give them attention as soon as you get home.

This will prevent any further anxiety and put them at ease.


Exercise is vital for all dogs, especially hunting breeds such as beagles.

As we mentioned previously, to keep your beagle mentally stimulated and work off any excess energy, frequent exercise is critical, as it could prevent misbehaving or any destructive behaviors.

Some great examples of exercises include taking walks, often around a half-hour minimum, or playing fetch.

If the park is fenced in, you could let them off the leash and run around to their heart’s content.

This is the most crucial aspect to consider when moving to an apartment.

If your new apartment lacks the space for regular exercise, it may not be the best time to welcome an energetic beagle puppy into your life.


If you have to be away from your pup for an extended period, you should provide them with plenty of toys to keep them occupied.

This will prevent them from boredom and getting into trouble, as beagles tend to chew everything in sight!

Things such as bones and plush squeaky toys are the best options to keep your beagle busy while you’re away.

You could even give them a toy where they have to work to get the treat out, as this is sure to keep them occupied for hours on end.

Basic Puppy Training

Before leaving your dog unattended, it is critical to ensure they are well trained. This could further prevent any destructive behaviors while being left alone.

During training, it is essential to let your dog get used to being alone, so they know that you will always be back.

This is especially critical when living in an apartment, as your neighbors likely don’t want to hear a barking dog all day.

If they are well trained, they will know that you are coming back when you leave; therefore, they will not resort to destructive behaviors.

It is also important to note that beagles are a rather stubborn breed and can often be challenging to train initially. However, they are brilliant and are well behaved after effective training.

Another crucial aspect of training is to ensure you begin training as soon as you get your dog.

This is critical in their development and will make training much easier in the long run. Let’s go over a short timeline that is ideal for apartment training.

House Training for Beagles

One of the first things you should teach your new pup is where to use the bathroom.

This is one of the most critical aspects of training and should teach them as young as possible. You must put your puppy on a regular bathroom schedule.

However, you may need additional trips outside if they are less than three months.

When they are only a few months old, House training your pup will make additional training easier in the future and decrease the possibility of them having an accident inside.

Six Months

By the six-month mark (or preferably before), your new pup should know their name and come when called.

Once they know their name, you can now teach them simple commands like sit, stay, etc.

This is a great way to ease them into more intense training later on and will make it easier for them to stay home by themselves.

Nine-Ten Months

By the nine-ten month mark, your puppy should know a few simple commands, and you can now begin more complex training.

This should include teaching them commands that are specific to your apartment, such as “come,” “watch me,” and “heel.”

Learning these commands early on in their life will set your pup up for success in the future and make it easier for them to learn additional commands later on. Because beagles are very intelligent, they should quickly pick up these commands.

One Year Old

By the time your pup is one year old, it should be fully housetrained and know various basic and complex commands.

It’s important not to make the mistake of waiting a year to begin training; as the younger training starts, the better.

Once your pup is an adult, you can continue training. If you live in an apartment, you should teach them to communicate without barking.

This includes training your beagle to not bark at everything outside and instead focus on non-verbal techniques.

Final Thoughts

Beagles are loving, loyal companions; however, it is essential to consider their environment before welcoming one into your life.

If you plan to live in an apartment, you must have enough space for the two of you and a safe space outside to exercise your dog.

If you check all these boxes, you will find your beagle as a loving companion who will be by your side for years to come.

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