Do Beagles Get Along with Cats? Guide to Successful Co-Ownership

If you’re a beagle owner and you’ve grown tired of being the only pet in your house, then it’s time to consider getting a cat.

But how do beagles get along with cats?

Is there anything you can do to prepare them for living together? What should you know before bringing my pets home together?

These are all crucial questions, so let’s take some time to explore these topics!

Can Beagles and Cats Learn to Get Along?

Beagles may be hunting dogs, but they can get along well with cats.

Of course, not all are alike, and some will act more on their hunter instincts than others.

If trained properly, most can learn how to live alongside felines in harmony.

Why Beagles Get Along with Cats

Despite their differences, beagles and cats make excellent housemates as they are both playful animals.

Beagles may seem like a problematic pet when you first get them because of how energetic they can be, but in the end, it is just all about playing games with your new friend.

On the other hand, cats might be annoyed by dogs that cannot keep still for even five seconds but eventually learn to enjoy spending time together or at least tolerate each other’s presence.

Before Moving In Together

If your pet beagle barks incessantly and tries to run after the local cats as if it were hunting them down, you should probably rethink the idea of bringing a new cat inside your house with him around.

When a beagle displays that instinct of wanting to chase after everything in sight, it often means trouble for any other pets that may live in or visit your home; putting those two animals together can only lead somewhere bad!

However, if, on occasion, your beagle shows curiosity or even indifference when meeting another animal species, then this could be an indication that they will get along well enough–maybe better than most dogs do anyway!

Cats are known for being more resistant to living together alongside dogs.

With that being said, before committing, you’ll want to give the cat something to smell that has been around your dog.

This could be a cloth toy or a small blanket that won’t mask the dog’s scent.

You’ll want to take this item to where the cat is located. Upon smelling their predator, some cats hiss right away; this is an indication they may not do well as pets alongside other animals!

Helping Your Cat and Beagle See Eye to Eye

It’s usually not a walk in the park when introducing two different animals to each other, especially to live together.

Cats and beagles, for example, are two animals that may not get along well.

To help cats and beagles see eye to eye, you can do a few things to make the transition smoother.

Preparing Your Cat to Live With Your Beagle

One of the best things you can do before introducing your cat and beagle to each other is to prep both animals.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your cat to live alongside a beagle.


Don’t allow any aggression from your cat towards your beagle; this could lead to more problems later on down the line, such as territory marking.

If possible, restrain your cat while introductions happen because sometimes even just seeing each other can be enough to result in a fight.

Time Apart

A common mistake people make when adding a pet to a household is forgetting about giving them ample time apart from each other.

When you add another animal, it’s best if both have their own space—like sleeping areas and scratching posts—so neither feels threatened by the presence of another creature in what was previously just theirs alone.

Safe Space

If you plan on introducing your cat to the family dog in the future, it is best if there’s an escape route for her until she adjusts.

To help keep cats from getting too stressed out during this period of adjustment, provide them with plenty of safe places where they can jump up high enough so that any growling or aggressive behavior won’t be able to reach them.

One option might be giving your feline friend something tall where he’ll feel comfortable scratching away his pent-up energy!

Your Cat’s Routine

Cats are notoriously difficult to train.

They like a routine, so once you’ve established one, it’s best not to change anything that may disrupt their schedule or make them feel uneasy in any way.

When you introduce your beagle, try not to let the dog upset your cat’s routine.

Preparing Your Beagle to Live with Your Cat

Beagles are natural hunters, and some breeds can even be aggressive with other animals, especially cats.

Suppose you’re considering bringing a cat into the beagle household (or vice versa).

In that case, it’s essential to know that not all dogs will take kindly to feline company and before proceeding, make sure your dog is obedient enough for this kind of relationship.

Work on basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” leave it,” and more until they become second nature.

If there ever were any tense moments between them or either animal was feeling threatened by the presence of another, you could use those commands to calm the situation.

If you’re looking for an excellent way to test your beagle’s obedience, have a friend or neighbor come over and bring their cat. You’ll be able to tell how ready your beagle is to interact with a cat.

Introducing Your Beagle and Cat to Each Other

Finally, the day arrives!

You’re ready to introduce your beagle and cat to each other.

Introducing Your Beagle and Cat to Each Other

This vital step can go smoothly or wrong if you don’t prepare or think ahead of time about what will happen when they first meet.

Introduce the Animals to Each Other in a Neutral Space

The first step is to find a neutral space where you can introduce the animals to each other.

Having a neutral space is essential because it will help the cats and dogs feel less threatened.

You can use a large room like your living or family room, big backyard, or other larger space with no furniture to get started.

Introduce Beagle and Cat in Neutral Space

Ensure Your Beagle is Leashed and Trained not to Chase Cats

Second, restrain your beagle at first—the reason why is because it’s essential that the cat feels safe and doesn’t feel threatened.

So, you want to keep your beagle on a leash while in this neutral space so it doesn’t chase after the cat or scare it away.

It would help if you also spent some time beforehand training your beagle not to chase cats.

Watch Both Pets at All Times, Especially when Eating or Drinking

Even if the initial introduction goes well, you want to make sure that you’re watching the two pets closely and checking in on them throughout their first few weeks together.

There may be moments where they might not get along or are exhibiting strange behavior, which can lead to injury.

For example, if your cat eats a bunch of food at once but your dog decides to take it away, the cat might scratch or bite the dog.

Give Them Time to get Used to One Another

Animals get used to each other and their surroundings by using their senses, and especially their noses.

Let your cat and beagle explore their new surroundings together and sniff around so that they can get used to one another’s scent.

If you notice that your cat or beagle is scared of the other animal, it may help if you give them a few more minutes before letting them explore independently.

Reinforce Positive Behavior

Treats are a great way to reinforce positive behavior.

When both animals behave appropriately around each other, you can give them treats to reinforce their positive feelings about one another.

Just be sure that the treats are associated with their positive behavior towards each other.

If There’s Any Conflict, Separate and Try Again Later

Finally, don’t be afraid to separate the animals if they exhibit any conflict towards one another.

Give them some space, and try again when both of their moods have calmed down.

You might have to wait a couple of hours or even a day or two, but you should keep trying, especially as you notice positive changes.


Beagles may not be best friends with cats, but they can still form a healthy and lifelong friendship if given the opportunity.

Follow these tips to ensure you have a happy household of mixed-species pets that get along well together!

We hope this information about how animals think has helped you understand why some animal friendships work better than others and how you can make the experience positive for everyone involved in the process of introducing animals to each other.

What’s your experience? Do you think beagles and cats can get along?

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